Mental Health and Disability Management

We will work with any provider who is funding treatment for a client to attend our program. 

These basic terms must be satisfied:

a) the client meets criteria for our program as outlined in the registration documents.   

b) client is fully consenting to treatment; and

c) client provides us with written permission to release information.

Early Intervention and Return-To-Work Preparation

Our group programs are an excellent way to capture and correct mental health problems/illness at earlier stages. Early intervention helps to break negative cycles, recapture resiliency, and prevent chronic  conditions from solidifying.

We believe work is a healthy part of a persons life; our proactive stance includes supporting and motivating clients in returning to all of their important life areas, including work - if this is an identified goal. In mental health claims, our programs help prime the individual in improving areas they have often neglected during their time on disability. The program helps clients build both mental and physical stamina; they build increased self-esteem and confidence. They learn to manage their symptoms through skills and strategies to minimize the functional impact on their life.  

We do not automatically create reports for providers unless they are specifically requested and the client is fully aware a progress and/or discharge report has been requested and will be submitted. Specific requirements can be discussed.