Payment Terms & Instructions

Terms of Payment

Payment is only requested after the schedule is released and you have confirmed enrolment for your group. 

The payment terms and instructions are the same regardless of whether a client or 3rd party organization is making payment.  

Our terms are as follows:

  • Once a client has formally enrolled, payment is due within 3 business days.
  • Once we have received payment, a full refund is available within 5 business days.
  • If the full refund period has passed, 75% of the payment will be refunded up to 48 hours before the 1st group session. 
  • Once the group has started, 50% refund is available prior to the start of the second week group sessions.

We will  provide the deadline date/time for payment and refunds. Due to the significant effort involved in choreographing multiple schedules, these terms will be firmly upheld.

Methods of Payment

If the group schedule works for you and you have confirmed enrolment, payment can be submitted in any number of different ways including:


  • Cheque 
  • Visa
  • Cash


  • Visa
  • e-Transfer

    Payment is preferred by any of the above methods; we have tried to make a variety of options available. We will always send you clear and simple instructions on how to submit payment once enrollment is confirmed.

    If using traditional mail or courier to send payment, it is your responsibility to ensure payment is received by the deadline indicated.

    (Please note: all Visa transactions will incur an additional 3% fee)