Programs Overview

Our professionals are committed to offering you a focused environment. This is why we limit our groups to no more than 4 people. Group durations are either 6 or 8 weeks in length (closed groups). For every week of group therapy, you will attend two yoga sessions and two fitness sessions with the same group and team. The Driving Anxiety program includes real-life exposure/desensitization on the road with an instructor in lieu of the fitness component. That is what makes lifebalance different; the practical components are vital and necessary to augment therapy.

Everyone in our program is required to follow our organization rules in terms of maintaining each others confidentiality, including all clients, clinicians, professionals, and administrative staff. It is completely normal to feel nervous at first; however you will find our group programs offer a welcoming and compassionate atmosphere for your therapy, yoga and fitness activities. Your wellness is our primary aim.

For meaningful change to happen you have to address various aspects of functioning, not just one area (thus the bio-psycho-social model). We believe practice equals mastery and our schedule is designed to help you attain a certain level of regularity in weekly health related activities. This will make it more habitual and easier for you to continue health activities outside of the programs. Spending 1 – 1½ hours a day for 6 or 8 weeks is a schedule that may seem difficult at first but you owe it to yourself, physically and mentally. Improved health and wellness sometimes involves pushing ourselves a little bit. You just have to get here.

Check out our three program types:

Life Solutions

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Clinical Groups

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Driving Anxiety

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