Program Pricing

We are transparent with our program pricing and to save you a phone call, information and details and are included below.

The price is the same whether you are an individual or a 3rd party providing funding for a client. We have no ongoing relationships with any third-party providers. Our relationship is with our clients attending our programs. We will honour any requests for information after the end of the program, only with direct client written permission to us.  In cases of disability management, a progress report and discharge report will be provided (with an additional charge). 

To help with comparison purposes: based on the recommended rates by the British Columbia Psychological Association for psychological services in this province, 12 hours of individual therapy sessions with a Registered Psychologist alone is over $2400.

We understand group therapy is traditionally less costly than individual therapy; however our programs have the additional components of specialized group yoga and fitness classes under the same roof, twice a week each, for the duration of your program. Our clinicians and instructors are a team and there are a minimum of two internal team meetings to discuss group progress and update the group plan.        

Clinical Groups:

  • Closed group, 8 weeks.
  • Doctoral therapy (12 hours total)
  • Group Yoga (16 hours)
  • Group Fitness (16 hours)
  • 44 hours total

      Total: $2800.00

Driving Anxiety:

  • Closed group, 6 - 8 weeks.
  • Doctoral Therapy (9 - 12 hours total)
  • Group Yoga (12 - 16 hours)
  • Desensitization Therapy with on-road exposure and driving instruction (12 - 16 hours)
  • 33 or 44 hours total

      Total: $2800.00 - $3200.00

Life Solutions:

  • Closed group, 6 weeks.
  • Masters or Doctoral level group therapy (9 hours total)
  • Group Yoga (12 hours)
  • Group Fitness (12 hours)
  • 33 hours total

            Total: $2200.00

Please note: Other than mental health services provided through the local hospital/public medical system, generally speaking, mental health care is not covered in Canada. 

The wait-list for many of the public programs (i.e. pain management programs, anxiety and depression programs, etc.) can be up to a year long. 

Unless an individual has extended health care coverage, or a supportive third-party provider, the client is responsible for the program fee.  

The goal here is not to create an expensive program that targets third-party providers. The goal is to set a fair price for the services provided, with the guarantee that we will bring our all to help. Straight-forward, real treatment.